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The Immunisation Alliance of WA would like to pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians of the land, the Noongar people and their contribution to the development of these resources. 

Immunising Your Koolungars

Rebecca Cox, Aboriginal Resource Project Officer for the Immunisation Alliance of WA is pleased to announce the launch of the newest Alliance resource developed specifically for Aboriginal Families. Last year over 18% of 12 - 15 month old Aboriginal children were not fully vaccinated, and 10% of 24 - 27 months old had incomplete vaccination schedules.

After extensive community consultation with Aboriginal people living in Noongar Country south of Perth, Bec has put together a matching set of pamphlets, fridge magnets and posters to raise awareness of immunisation schedules, and encourage families to remember the time frames for various immunisations.

Some Aboriginal initiatives from other well-intentioned projects have included the use of artwork and resources designed and developed in the Northern Territory or Queensland. Attendees at the launch were excited that the community has chosen to use local up and coming artist Bernie Narkle, and pleased about the community engagement that speaks to local families because it is by local families.  Local input is a crucial part of the process of social education and change. Printing, graphic design, and development have all included a local focus.

Artwork for the resource has been provided by Bernie Narkle, who explains "In Aboriginal paintings the "U" shaped figures represent people sitting. The dotted circles represent a camp fire or waterhole. Footprints represent tracks or travelling. In this artwork, the four dotted circles in each corner represent homes of families, the footprints represent the men and women coming together to form a protective circle around the children. The smaller "U" shapes are the children inside the protective circle around the circle of adults. The centre circle represent Aboriginal Immunisation Western Australia." 

You can order copies of the fridge magnet, flyer or posters through our order form. 







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