Immunisation Alliance

The History of the Immunisation Alliance

Where we came from, Why and How we got here!

The Alliance is a group of people in Western Australia who are pro- immunisation and have been meeting regularly since 2007. The primary aim is to share knowledge and provide information to consumers, to assist in making an informed decision on immunisation.

The Alliance benefitted recently from funding from the Department of Health to establish an office and employ a project officer on a part time basis on a 2 year contract. The Alliance has deductible gift recipient and tax concession charity status. It operates as a non-profit and independent body.

The Alliance has consumer representatives and professionals representing organisations working in Immunisation, ensuring that the information provided to our consumers on the website and through our phone line and publications is current and scientifically informed.

We would welcome new members from all walks of life. The meeting is usually for about two hours of an evening once a month. For those unable to attend we offer teleconferencing and the opportunity to receive email updates on the activities of the Alliance.

What side effects can I expect after a vaccine ?

What to do and who to contact if you are worried about yourself or someone else following a vaccination.


What is Immunisation ?

Videos showing the science behind immunisation. Find out the facts, weigh and balance, the risk of the disease and the risk of the vaccine.


Preventable Diseases- real stories

Real families affected by vaccine preventable diseases.


Immunisation Alliance News