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Sunday Times - Perth Now 26/01/2014


The Fremantle Gazette 11/02/2014

Front page! 

Fremantle Gazette

The Skeptical Inquirer January 30 2014

Katie is interviewed by Kylie Sturgess aboout the I Immunise campaign

Andrew IImmunise A4 Poster 2014

The West Australian Jan 25 2014

Deanne has been in the news recently too! Click on the photo to check out the article in the West Australian. 


What side effects can I expect after a vaccine ?

What to do and who to contact if you are worried about yourself or someone else following a vaccination.


What is Immunisation ?

Videos showing the science behind immunisation. Find out the facts, weigh and balance, the risk of the disease and the risk of the vaccine.


Preventable Diseases- real stories

Real families affected by vaccine preventable diseases.


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