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Deanne _02

Deanne - Project Officer

I joined the Immunisation Alliance in October 2013 as a Project Officer and have a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion from Curtin University. Prior to commencing at the Immunisation Alliance I was employed at the Cancer Council WA for over 10 years in various Project Officer roles. I worked on the Make Smoking History campaign for a number of years where I was involved in the planning, developing and implementing of mass media campaigns. I then moved into the area of Healthway health sponsorship and worked as a Sponsorship Officer for over five years. In this role I managed a number of high profile sports and arts sponsorships promoting a range of health messages, including SunSmart, Go for 2&5®, and SmokeFree WA.

My experience at the Cancer Council working on a range of health issues and as a mother of two children drew me to the role at the Immunisation Alliance. I feel it is a part of my role as a mother and community member that our children are protected from communicable diseases. 

Kate Cox

Kate - Accounts Officer

I started work part time at Immunisation Alliance of WA in September 13.  I have a Bachelor of Business from Curtin University and over 20 years experience in Administration/Office Management & Bookkeeping roles and have worked in many parts of Australia.  Currently I am completing a Diploma of Accounting to further my qualifications.

I really enjoy working for organisations that contribute to the good of society.   I previously worked as Finance Officer at Carers WA, and currently contract to a small not for profit education-based association as well as my work for the Alliance and an ongoing role managing our family business.

Immunisation is something I take a strong interest in, both on a personal level as a mother of two small children, but also on a grander scale, it being such a community-wide issue.  It is so important to get the right information out to parents and for that reason I'm very happy to be contributing my skills to the Alliance so the Project Officers are supported in their important work.


Katie - Project Officer

I'm a political science academic at Murdoch University and a mum of two young children. I've been involved with the Immunisation Alliance since 2010, and I joined because I feel passionately that babies and other vulnerable people in our community are at risk when others choose not to immunise.  This led me to conceive of the I Immunise Project, which I designed and implemented with the support of a fantastic team of volunteers from the Alliance and participants from the Fremantle community. 

 As a Freo local who homebirthed, breastfed and used cloth nappies, I am used to meeting people in my community who don't immunise. Across the country, this represents part of a trend in which 'enlightened' parents are encouraged to question the benefits of immunisation. Misinformation on the internet (in particular) can lead parents to conclude that these benefits do not outweigh the minimal risks associated with immunisation. I am frightened that it will take large-scale sickness and death for this trend to be reversed - sickness and death which won't be limited to the children of those who choose not to immunise. I want to be part of a conversation about the benefits of immunisation before this happens.


Rebecca Cox

Rebecca - Project Officer

I commenced with the Immunisation Alliance in September 2013 as the Aboriginal Project Officer. In my role I am working vey closely with the Aboriginal Community in the South Metropolitan area to produce a resource for Aboriginal children promoting and informing the community about Aboriginal immunisation.

Previously I have worked in local government, organising the Fremantle festivals and other corporate events as well as working at the Kulbardi Centre at Murdoch University and as an employment consultant at the Australian Medical Association assisting in the employment of Aboriginal people.

My experience of working with aboriginal people and growing up in the Fremantle/ Cockburn Area has assisted me in building strong relationships with many people in the community who will be assisting me in completing my project. I'm also a mother of one and having previously been an Aboriginal mother going through the Public Health system I also have my own experiences in immunisation resources and information to share.


Sarah Brazier

Sarah - Project Officer

I joined the IAWA in February 2012 as a community member. I have been interested in educating people on how to protect themselves from infectious diseases since studying parasitology at uni. As a mother of young children, I was surprised to learn of the low immunisation coverage rates in children in Western Australia. I hoped that my experience in medical education and as a strategic consultant to the pharmaceutical industry would enable me to contribute to the IAWA.

I am a strong advocate for educating people, including children, about their health. Individuals can then make their own rational decisions, based on fact. Although immunisation can be a difficult concept to explain, I believe you can educate anybody on anything, if you speak to them in language that resonates with them.

Through discussions with my own children about their vaccines, I conceived the idea of a children's book about immunisation. The idea was further cemented when I was asked to explain immunisation to other children whilst attending playgroups. I drafted the text and am currently overseeing the book through its final stages of production. To order a copy of the FREE book, click on Beat the bugs at the top of this page! 

In my opinion, the IAWA provides an independent voice for community members to contribute to our society by improving the health of all by endorsing and advocating vaccination. The IAWA is a diverse, enthusiastic group of people who volunteer their time and energy for the benefit of our community. We are as strong as our members - please consider joining us, to add greater depth, richness and volume to our 'voice'.

Sarah Pic

Sarah - Project Officer

I have worked for non-profit organizations for almost two decades now, and I still love it! I love the energy and enthusiasm that volunteers bring, and I also love the feeling of working hard for the good of my community.

With two children, immunisation and herd immunity is a crucial issue which is surprisingly not discussed. I am sure that if people understood just how important vaccines are to us all, there would be no question about whether to get your kids vaccinated or not. It frightens me that as a society we are starting to ignore tried and tested science on something so important. Without vaccines, so many children died! I can't stand the thought of children passing away from preventable diseases, and I don't see what sort of argument can allow for kids to be dying daily and be considered a 'good' thing. If people think that because they can't see the diseases on a daily basis then they are no longer a problem, then they need to look very critically at all the data available and think again. 

I am a big believer in grass roots activism, and here at the Alliance we need parents, care givers and friends to stand with us and help educate and help. Most people don't realise how much effort is put into making vaccines safe, and it's often seen as a choice issue when really, it's a community health issue. The chances of something going wrong with a vaccines is infinitesimally small, but the benefits are immediate, obvious, and lifesaving. Ask a grandparent about polio, or measles, and ask them how many children died or were maimed in their day, and be glad we live in a world where such horrors are forgotten.

If you have any time or suggestions, please send them our way!  As a not-for-profit organization, we are short on all the things we need to continue this discussion. Time, cash and support are all in need, and we'd love to have you on board. 

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