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Beat The Bugs!

The Immunisation Alliance is proud to present to you the results of one of our biggest projects yet - "Beat the Bugs". Sarah Brazier and her team have written and illustrated a beautiful book designed for parents to snuggle in with the kids and read them a story of germs, diseases and vaccinations.

We are delighted to offer this book to Western Australian citizens for free! 

"Beat The Bugs" speaks to young children and provides a handy glossary for complex terms for the adults. The book educates as well as engages with a child's natural curiosity about a complex issue.

Sarah breaks down the whole process of vaccination, separating the act of vaccination from the process of immunisation, which is triggering the immune response of the body, and how antibodies are then produced based on the body's memory of the vaccine. Community immunity and booster shots are also included. 

This book is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time educating your child about a crucial aspect of child health, and possibly learning something new.

To order your free copy for your little one, click here or on the bookmark to the left! 

Your child will enjoy learning about their amazing bodies and how their vaccines protect them, beat the bugs, and keep them fit for play. 

My book arrived yesterday and my hubby and I are really impressed! Its gorgeous. I'll send the link onto everyone I know with little ones xx  

Chantell, Accountant


If you represent a day care group, a library or a medical centre, we are happy to deliver to you extra copies of our book "Beat The Bugs," along with some of our promotional materials. Simply mention in the comments that you are ordering for one of these groups, and we will send you the appropriate kit. Click on any of the bookmark to the left to place an order now!

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please don't hesitate to email and we'll do everything we can to help.

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