Immunisation Alliance

How Can I Help?

You can help promote immunisation and education in heaps of ways. Here's a handy list to help give you some ideas! 

I have time but no money... 

Join the Immunisation Alliance! 

Volunteer to help us at fetes, fairs, and other public events 

Help distribute pamphlets, flyers and cards! 

Talk about how important immunisation is! 

I have money but no time... 

The Immunisation Alliance is a tax deductible gift recipient. That's right, you can claim your donations to us on your tax return! If you would like to talk to us about how to do this, please email us today. Donations are desperately needed and gratefully recieved.

Buy Polio Vaccine Gift Pack! 

200 children protected for less than a steak dinner at a pub! $35

Buy Measles Vaccine Gift Pack! 

One hundred children protected for only a bottle of champage! $28

Buy Vaccine Carrier!

Protect vaccines from temperature and contamination for less than a couple of beers! $21

Further Reading

Links and reports is a list of websites and documents freely available on the net discussing all aspects of immunisation in Australia.


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