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Children’s Immunisation Book

Parents reaching to improve Children's Education about Immunisation 

Immunisation can be a complex concept to understand and explain.  It is therefore difficult for parents to explain to their children why their needles are necessary.  Although there is plenty of general information on immunisation available to parents, there appears to be no information targeting the children themselves.  One of our members came up with idea of filling this resource gap with a fun educational book.

The book introduces the concept of immunisation to children, and gives parents the correct information and language to be able to discuss this.  A key theme of the book is that the theory of immunisation has not been 'dumbed' down - the purpose of the book is to educate.  However to ensure that the book is appropriate for preschoolers, the text is short, the book is large, the text has been written in rhyming phrases and is accompanied by playful illustrations.  

The objective of the book is to initiate discussion between children and their carers about both immunisation and whether the children's immunisations are up-to-date.  Each time the book is read, it will serve as reminder to check this.  Also, it will hopefully make taking children for their needles easier, as they understand why they are having them.  Ultimately it is hoped it will help improve the poor immunisation coverage rate in WA in preschool children.

The IAWA would like to thank the kindergarten teachers and students who have assisted us by providing valuable feedback on the book draft.  

UPDATE: "Beat the bugs" is now available FREE to carers, parents, and advocates of vaccination. Click on 'Beat The bugs' along the top of this screen to get your copy today! 

How Can I Help? 

email logoFor more information, or to volunteer to help distribute the please click on the airmail sign and let us know! We also need assistance for the evaluation phase of the project. If you would like to donate your time and ideas, just send us a message and Sarah will get back to you as soon as possible.



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