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Herd Immunity

What is Herd Immunity?

Humans are herd animals. 

Where ever we live, we tend to like congregating into groups. Cities, towns, villages, families, friends, partners. Humans like other humans, and we like spending a lot of time with them! 

As part of a Herd, we are also often affected by something that affects other people. When someone's mother passes away, we often feel their pain for example. When large scale traumatic events happen, we ring every one we know to make sure they are OK. We pass and transmit information across our herd every day. 

Diseases are a lot like the communications we send between our herd. Or even spam telephone callers who ring during dinner. When we don't immunise, then the diseases have free rein to transmit between any people who come within range. We as a community have to find ways to stop the onward flow of unwanted diseases, a lot like we try to stop spam emails! 

Colds and influenze is an excellent example. If you stayed home and never left the house, there's a good chance you would never catch a cold or flu! But we have to go to work, see our partners, our kids go to school, our partners also go to work, family and friends drop in to say hello... and every one of them might be carrying a disease and you wouldn't know it. 

So if there was a way to be able to see your herd and stay clean from many diseases, why wouldn't you take that option? Not only are you protecting yourself from whatever your herd might already be carrying, but you'll be a part of a continued programme to remove these diseases from our lives completely. Plus the few people who medically can not get immunised will also be protected. 

People have raised concerns about the vaccines themselves, and whether they are a danger to growing and developing bodies. This site has heaps of information exploring that issue, and the basic level response is that the original study that related autism with vaccination has been debunked, and no peer reviewed study has shown any relationship since. Don't believe us? Check out our Resources page for many hours of reading! 

Happy Immunising!
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