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What is Immunisation?

Immunisation can be a difficult subject to understand. It can also be an emotive topic with people entrenched on opposite sides of the pro and anti immunisation field. The internet is full of information on immunisation, we urge you to check the credibility of the sources of information that you come across.We offer the following links to help you make an informed choice on immunisation.

 All current vaccinations available in WA are described in detail on this Dept. of Health listing. You may also view at a glance the risks of a vaccine preventable disease versus the risk of the vaccine on this table.

There are many government agencies involved in immunisation in Australia:

 You can access your child's immunisation records at Medicare Australia this agency holds data on all children under 7 in Australia so that parents are reminded of when vaccinations are due and also of any changes to the vaccination schedule.

  The WA Health Department runs the vaccination clinics around WA. The main clinic is Rheola St in west Perth, many clincs are run throughout WA. Here is the list of all clinics and their opening times.

Immunise Australia is the national Dept. of Health Australia's website which offers a wealth of information on national programs, the maternity payment scheme and it's recent changes.

 This WHO video shows in simple terms what immunisation is and how it works.

World Health Organisation immunisation video :
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What side effects can I expect after a vaccine ?

What to do and who to contact if you are worried about yourself or someone else following a vaccination.


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