About Us

Who are we?

The Immunisation Alliance is made up of members of the public, health students and professionals, and parents, who are dedicated to seeing children and adults protected from dangerous, but preventable diseases.

Our Vision

To create a society in which every person who can be vaccinated is vaccinated.

Our Mission

To be an authentic and independent community voice supporting immunisation.

Meet the Executive Committee

Cassandra Collyer – Chair
Cassandra joined the IAWA as a member in 2013 while pregnant with her second child. At this time, Cassandra was employed in a local government in the role Coordinator Health Services and brought with her the experience of a career in public health. Cassandra’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health and a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Promotion; currently, she is enrolled in a Doctor of Medicine. As a parent of two boys, aged 3 and 5, Cassandra is aware of the array of information that parents must navigate when deciding to vaccinate their children. Cassandra’s drive to support immunisation was strengthened in 2015 when her 7-week-old niece, Emmerson, who was too young to be fully covered by vaccination, contracted Pertussis (Whooping Cough) and was subsequently hospitalised for a week. Cassandra has held the role of Chair of the IAWA since 2016 and is excited about the future direction of the Alliance.

Sharon Swaney – Secretary

Sharon joined the IAWA as a member in 2015 during the final year of her university studies. She has since graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion) and was awarded a place on the Vice Chancellor’s list. Now back at Curtin University completing an Honours year undertaking research into reasons for low vaccination rates in high socioeconomic areas of Perth, her belief in and passion for immunisation as a preventive health measure together with her desire to communicate its importance to others effectively, continues to grow.

Sharon remembers hearing stories from childhood about polio, children who were in an ‘iron lung’ and the risk of contracting other diseases. Sharon was the youngest of six children; with the measles vaccine being introduced in 1969, she was the only one in her family to receive the vaccination, and the only one not to contract measles. One brother, in particular, became desperately ill; her mother is quoted as saying “I’ve never seen anyone as ill as he was with measles”. Having seen the ravages of many so-called normal childhood diseases now largely relegated to history, Sharon’s mother was in no doubt as to the importance of vaccination. Sharon believes that as vaccination has reduced the incidence of disease so effectively in developed nations like Australia, it may be a case of ‘vaccination being a victim of its own success’ and is concerned about the resurgence of disease and rates dropping below the level necessary to protect the most vulnerable in our population. This includes babies who are too young to receive all vaccinations, as well as others who are unable to be vaccinated for health reasons.

Sharon is a mother of one, was previously a business owner, and has held the role of Deputy Chair/Secretary of the IAWA since 2016.

Bharti Morar – Treasurer

Bharti has been a member of the Alliance since its founding in late 2007, when she was a postdoctoral researcher at the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (now known as the Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research). She believes that immunisation plays a vital role in preventing a range of diseases that would otherwise have tragic consequences for individuals and families. Bharti has been the Treasurer for IAWA for the past three years.