Joining forces

The Immunisation Alliance of Western Australia would like to thank our members and the wider Western Australian community for their support over the past 12 years.

Over this time we have been involved in fantastic campaigns to improve immunisation awareness across the state including attendance at community events, the I Immunise Campaign in Fremantle, development of the Beat the Bugs Book and Puppet Show and the Immunising your Koolungar’s resource for Aboriginal children.

We have also been involved in emerging research on vaccination including research into the views of hesitant parents and midwives. Moving forwards, we are joining forces with the Immunisation Foundation of Australia who are a national organisation working to improve vaccination rates and who have local roots in Western Australia.

We have made this decision to ensure resources dedicated toward immunisation are used efficiently with maximised effect. Our current exciting project Beat the Bugs Puppet Show will continue to operate under this arrangement.

To find out more about the Immunisation Foundation of Australia, check out the website here: