Meeting and presentation night

You are invited to attend the next meeting of the Immunisation Alliance of WA, to be held at CiH at Cockburn. This research-based meeting will showcase and report on some of the recent exciting and important work being carried out by members of the Alliance; you are encouraged to attend and invite interested guests.

1. Dr Katie Attwell, Senior Lecturer in Politics at UWA, will be presenting “Vaccine hesitancy as social and tribal – how it travels in groups”. Researchers are developing a better understanding of the reasons parents reject vaccines for their children.  In this presentation, Katie will explore vaccine hesitant and refusing parents in Fremantle, Western Australia, and Adelaide, South Australia, considering how ‘community’ membership impacts vaccination knowledge, beliefs and behaviours.

2. Melanie Freeman, Murdoch University, will be presenting “Parents Experience of their Antenatal Care”. Information about immunisation can influence the immunisation uptake rates of parents. In this study we investigated parental attitudes to immunisation and their experience of their antenatal care. We looked at how immunisation was discussed with parents and whether their health care professionals encouraged them to immunise or not.

3. Sharon Swaney, Honours Student Curtin University, will be presenting preliminary findings on “Vaccine-Hesitancy among High-SES parents in Perth”. Vaccine-hesitancy in high-socioeconomic communities is an emerging trend which threatens public health, and ascertaining reasons for this is essential to inform successful future Health Promotion interventions. By interviewing Parents and HCPs, this qualitative study aims to fill a gap in existing knowledge in this target group and explores perceptions and influences surrounding vaccination decision-making. Insights and recommendations are provided.