National Immunisation Program Schedule

The National Immunisation Program (NIP) details vaccines that are provided free of charge to individuals at various ages and within various at-risk groups.  Some vaccines are not included on the NIP, as this list is specific to vaccines funded by the Federal Government, these vaccines are available on a user-pay basis only. Ask your GP which vaccines are recommended for your family.

How do vaccines affect immunity?

This fact sheet published by the National Centre for Immunisation outlines the basics of immunisation and why it is important.

Vaccinate Against Flu – What Expectant Mothers Need to Know

The best way to protect you and your young baby from influenza is to have the vaccine when you are pregnant. This document from the Immunise Australia Program contains all you need to know about protecting your baby from influenza.

 HPV vaccination – information for parents

Human papillomavirus is a highly contagious virus transmitted through sexual contact, which can affect both males and females. It is  associated with a with a wide range of cancers, including penile, anal, cervical, vulval, vaginal and throat. Other types of HPV can cause genital warts. This fact sheet from the Immunise Australia Program is a good source of information for patents regarding HPV immunisation  during school.

Improving Immunisation Rates of Children in WA

The 2016 Auditor General’s Report ‘Improving Immunisation Rates of Children in WA’ identifies areas of Australia’s immunisation program that are adequate and includes future recommendations to improve vaccination rates.

Immunisation Coverage data

For the latest statistics regarding immunisation in Australia please refer to this webpage.

My Healthy Communities Interactive Data

An interactive table outlining the state vaccination rates in Australia by age group. This is a nice, easy to understand way of displaying immunisation data.